A poem about time

Yesterday I went to the doctor and saw this poem hanging on the wall:

Yesterday is History,
Tomorrow a Mystery,
Today is a Gift,
Thats why it's called the Present.

I remember having seen it quite a few times before. I always liked it and wanted to write it down, but always forgot to do so too quickly.

It is just so fitting about the time before Christmas: while thinking about all the things we have to do, we like to forget about the present, and the beauty and the truth that lies in it.

I wondered who might have been the author and after typing just the first few words into google, it suggests the rest of the poem for a search, indicating that many people searched for that phrase before. As it turns out, somebody wrote a pretty detailed answer on yahoo answers about it.

The origins of the saying seem to lie in the saying that

Time and Tide wait for No Man

which is a phrase coming from ancient times itself. Before drifting away into history, have a good preparation for the holidays and - appreciate the present. ;)