Articles by Christoph Lassner

  1. DANNs with Theano

    While ANNs are a fascinating research subject, quickly implementing new algorithms using their concepts is not always easy. Speed matters, and there are many paradigms how ANN theory can be mapped to implementations. Currently working on extending my difference based learning theory introduced in this recent blog post to convolutional …

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  2. Using BLAS from C with row major data

    Recently I wanted to speed up some very frequently called code using Intel MKL. Specifically, a series of weighted products should be calculated using a matrix multiplication. This can save a lot of time for large matrices, since good matrix multiplication algorithms can reach $O(n^{\approx2.8})$ complexity in …

    Tagged as: Cython
  3. Debugging Cython code on Windows x64

    Debugging of Cython-Code on 64-bit Windows is not really straightforward. I am using spyderlib for development, and while it has good support for the pdb, it lacks any support for Cython debugging.

    Additionally, even compiling x64 Cython code on Windows is not straightforward, since the Microsoft compiler should be used …

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